Monday, December 31, 2012

Harp Update

This is how it all looked at the beginning of the semester.
I keep thinking that I'm going to post instructions for how to build these harps, but then something happens. The first time, my husband got a job in Hawaii in the middle of a harp-building project, so I had to box up all the pieces in Nevada, send them half-way across the Pacific in a container, and then put them together six months later after they'd adjusted to the new humidity level. Needless to say, the blogging suffered.

This time, I was unexpectedly asked to teach two college classes when I thought I'd be taking a semester off, and this only a short while after I'd cut out all the pieces. I like having money, so I said yes to the teaching and let the harp pieces sit in the garage. When I had the chance on a weekend I'd steal a few hours to make some progress on the project. Forget setting up photos and then coming up with something witty to say about them on my blog.
We stained most of the pieces over Thanksgiving weekend.
But after having attempted to document this process on my blog several times, I think I've collected enough photos and notes that I can do a decent harp building page. I'll add it to my list of things to do in 2013.
Over Christmas break we finished the staining and I fitted the box.
Happy New Year, everyone!


L. Benson said...

Fascinating! Thanks for sharing your process :)



Rebecca J. Carlson said...

Thanks for stopping by, Linda! How's the writing going?

L. Benson said...

Hi Rebecca,

Very slowly! I'm hoping that the New Year will bring an abundance of words, along with the time and wisdom to use them well :D

Have a wonderful New Year!

Mark Koopmans said...

Aloha Rebecca,

I got your name from Dianne K. Salerni and wanted to say hi, seeing as we're two writers in Oahu.

(I'm also Irish by birth, so your Harp building is amazing!!)

PS... I'm organizing a true grass roots writers' conference this December here on the island.

If you're interested, just let me know and I can send you some details.

My latest post about Writers Retreat Island-Time Espcape (W.R.I.T.E) is here:

Cheers, and aloha :)

Rebecca J. Carlson said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mark. Do keep me in the loop about your writer's retreat. I like to support writing events that don't involve my purchase of a plane ticket to the mainland.