Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Bag of Spuds

This is South Wind's rendition of "The Bag of Spuds" and "The Rakes of Mallow" from our performance at the Kahuku Library last Tuesday night. I'm the one hiding behind the music stand.


This next one is the ethereal Scottish tune, "Arran Boat Song."

And thanks to my daughter and her friend Carina for providing the vocals on "Minstrel Boy."

We had a small crowd, but at least they laughed at our jokes. Anyway I hope it was the jokes, and not our playing. We're an amateur, get-together-once-a-week sort of Irish band, but we love what we do and I hope you can hear that in our music. Happy St. Patrick's day!

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Unknown said...

Lovely! What a talented group :)