Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Discoveries

I recently posted about my top eleven discoveries of last year. Now I'd like to add a few things I've discovered since January 1st. If this keeps up, it's going to be a big year for discoveries.

Bread Flour

I love to bake bread, but in the past I've always used all-purpose flour. Why buy a sack of flour that's only for baking bread? Here's why - when I use bread flour, the bread isn't crumbly. It can hold up in a school lunchbox all morning. So now, since I've started baking with bread flour, the kids all want my home-made bread for their lunches.

The Piano Guys

I didn't even know electric cellos existed! These Piano Guys have made a lot of music videos, and they're perfectly addicting. And whatever video editing software they use--I want it.


In this case, M&N stands for Maltomeal and Nutella. Take a regular, boring old bowl of Maltomeal and add a tablespoon of Nutella. Amazing creamy, nutty, chocolate goodness. You want some now. Breakfast will never be the same.

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Kathy said...

so dad & i tried the nutella in malt-o-meal trick for our breakfast the other day. you are right - it is totally yummy! thanks for the great tip.