Friday, August 19, 2011

My Backyard Farm

I love living in the country. If I move back to the city I'm still going grocery shopping only once a month.

Well, maybe not.

Since I live so far from the usual modern day shopping resources, I decided I'd better start up some home food production. When in the country, do as the country do!

Last Saturday I built this garden box. It's up on stilts to cleverly evade the giant slugs roaming my back yard. So far, the lettuce and spinach are safe in their beds.

We also have a chicken. One chicken. My daughter rescued her as a tiny chick from the neighbor's dog. We were pretty sure the soggy, chewed-up thing was going to die, BUT IT DIDN'T. This chicken has some pluck. And just to prove it, she gave us two eggs on her first day of laying.

To celebrate the advent of eggs, we remodeled the chicken's coop from this:

to this:

Now she's got a rain-proof feed box and twice the yard. Maybe next time we'll put in a swimming pool.


Kathy said...

I'm so jealous! fresh eggs - wow! And what a great family story - the half-dead little chick that didn't seem worth the effort in some eyes to even try to save, turns into provider of fresh eggs for family. Amazing. I'm also anxious to hear how your high-rise grow box works out. I've heard it's nice to have the plants up at a more convenient level for working with, too. Thanks for the fun post!

Mrs.Smith said...

This post inspired me. I'm going to write a children's book titled, "Your Neighbor Wants a Chicken!"
I'll send some of the royalties over after I make my first million.