Saturday, May 14, 2011

Disaster Plan

My nine-year-old son asked me, "So what if we knew the world was going to end in only three or four days, and we only had that long to pack up all our stuff?"

Not sure what use it would be to pack up, I asked, "Where would we go if the whole world was going to end?" 

"Mars!" he said, as if it was obvious.


"And we'd need to bring some fires with us so we could melt the ice, so we'd have something to drink. We'd also bring some seeds so we could grow food."

I guess he has his disaster plan all worked out.


Kathy said...

Ah, the simplicity of youth! That's where all their optimism comes, I guess. Once we see things as more complicated then we have to learn to trust Heavenly Father completely to keep our optimism in place. Of course, I think a lot of times we make things more complicated than they really are in our own minds. It's great to have children to remind us of simplicity. Thanks for the fun post!

Katie Dodge said...

Ha ha! I love how kid's minds work. :) Glad I found your blog! :)