Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Five Kids, One Pumpkin

I only bought one pumpkin this year.

They're expensive, okay? And we're still paying the mortgage on that house in Las Vegas.

I have five kids, all old enough to want to get into the pumpkin carving action. So what was I to do?

Something clever.

On five little scraps of paper I wrote the name of one facial feature. Left eye, right eye, mouth, nose, and "?" Yes, "?" is a facial feature. The child who picked "?" got to choose an additional feature for the face. Like a beard, or ears. My youngest child ended up with the "?" and picked eyebrows.

I wish I had taken a picture of the jack-o-lantern. It looked freaky, like some kind of modern art--each facial feature done in an entirely different style.

But all I have is a picture of the aftermath.

Want a piece?


Kathy said...

would love to have seen their creation - clever idea to divide it up. i'm wondering if pumpkins would grow in your climate...

that pie looks pretty yummy.

Rachel Hoffman-Bayles said...

Yes, I want a piece! My pumpkins were all moldy by the time I tried to get around to that part. *sigh*