Friday, September 10, 2010

Wild Chickens

I've never seen so many wild chickens. They're everywhere.

Where did all the chickens come from?

I don't know if this story is true, but here's how I heard it:

On the edge of town we have the Polynesian Cultural Center, the world's only living exhibit of Pacific Island history and culture. Not long ago, someone thought that for the PCC to look like an authentic Polynesian village, they ought to have chickens. So they brought in some chickens and let them loose in the PCC.

But chickens, they smart. They know how to tell a real Polynesian village from one that opens at noon and closes before midnight. So they all hop the fence and come live with us in La'ie.

NOTE: I took all these pictures of chickens on one short walk from BYUH campus, down the street and around the corner to my house.


LeishaMaw said...

They were all over Maui, too. I took a ton of pics, cause I'd never seen feral chickens before. They hung out with the feral cats. Weird, huh?

Rebecca J. Carlson said...

Ah, so the PCC story is probably a fabrication.

Kathy said...

Actually, the way I heard it: When hurricane Iniki came through in 1992 it blew all the chickens all over the place & they have lived in the wild ever since.

Hey - let's see how many stories or theories we can get going on why there are wild chickens all over Hawaii...