Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm Melting

The first time I stepped out of a car here in Hawaii, the pleasant temperature of the air surprised me. I was used to stepping out of a car into the blazing heat of Henderson, Nevada. Here on the windward side of the island, the summer highs hover around 80 degrees F.

But that's outside. Inside is a different story.

My house has no air conditioning. No way to cool off except by opening the windows and hoping the tradewinds will come wafting in from the sea. On my first day here I asked the neighbor girl if they left their windows open all day. She looked at me like I was asking her a trick question. Of course people leave their windows open all day! In Henderson, as soon as it started to get warm in the morning I had to shut the windows down tight. If I did that here in Hawaii, with the tropical sun beating down on the roof, we'd all roast like a pig in a barbecue pit.

Even with the windows open, we're sweating. If I set butter out on the counter, I can spread it on bread in three minutes. And sweating doesn't help much when the humidity is 85%.

So, in the afternoons, we just give up and go to the beach.


Heike Doyle said...

That's almost humorous. At least you get to go to the beach and cool off. Does ist cool down nicely at night??

Kathy said...

I wish I could "give up and go to the beach"!!! In Atlanta we just have to stick it out till fall comes... Have you thought of trying box fans in the windows?