Friday, May 14, 2010

Taking a Break

I'm taking a short break from writing in order to move my family of seven to Oahu so that my husband can take a job as a math professor at BYU-Hawaii. I've got a writer's workshop in June and I'm waiting to hear back on some submissions, so it isn't like I'm totally going into hibernation. But I'm not doing my book review blog, and I only peck at my new novel for a few hours a week.

But then, once I get to the North Shore, my youngest child starts all-day kindergarten. And BYU-Hawaii has some awesome creative writing classes. And thanks to the internet, it hardly matters that I'll be another four hours away from New York City (and those submissions I'm waiting to hear on) than I am here in Las Vegas.


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Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Best of luck with the move - and a belated congrats to the hubby!