Monday, May 17, 2010

How To Tell If You Have an Infinite Number of LEGOS

If you have small boys at home, this post is for you.  You may, without realizing it, have an infinite number of LEGOS in your home.

Here's how to tell.

If you add any number to infinity, you get... infinity! It doesn't change. Add two to infinity or two million to infinity, and you still have... infinity.

Now, think about it, if your child gets a new set of LEGOS, does it seem like you still have the same amount of LEGOS in your home that you had before?

If so, you must have an infinite number of LEGOS.

Here's another way to tell. If you take any number away from infinity, you also get infinity. Infinity minus any number? Still infinity. So, if no matter how many LEGOS you vacuum up, lose, leave at someone else's house, or even give away, you still seem to have the same number of LEGOS in your home, then you have an infinite number of LEGOS.

I've got an infinite number of LEGOS at my house. How about you?


Susan Kaye Quinn said...

I have enough legos to start our own Lego Club - which, actually, we are doing at our school next year. I had a Lego Mindstorms kit in our basement...that I forgot about! That's because we already had another Lego Mindstorms kit that we use. It's an illness.

Lisa said...

We have Legos coming out of our ears! But I think they are a wonderful toy. My kids LOVE the Creator sets (and so do I).

Though I must say, they are THE MOST PAINFUL toy to step on. Bar none.

matilda said...

I have an infinite number of Legos. In fact I acquired two sets today, and it made no difference to our current volume. I should start making furniture out of it to save space.

Kathy said...

Another way to tell that you have an infinite number of Legos - spanning generations!!! You divide up the Legos you have accumulated over the years to the homes of your children who now have children of their own playing with Legos, and you STILL have too many left to count. But you find this tolerable now because the grandchildren come to your home to play and you know that when they leave you will have time to put the Legos away and they will stay away until such time as the grandchildren return. It's amazing how those Legos get more cooperative over time ;-) And they are still as fun to play with as ever!

Rebecca J. Carlson said...

You know it, Grandma! Infinity divided by any number is... INFINITY!