Thursday, April 1, 2010

Top Ten Reasons "How to Train Your Dragon" is better than "Star Wars"

SPOILER WARNING - please go see the movie before you read this list!
  1. Hiccup is a better actor than Mark Hamill.
  2. Gobber is missing two limbs. Obi-Wan just lost his head.
  3. Princess Leia may be a good shot with the blaster, but Astrid can throw a Viking battle-axe.
  4. Light-sabers may glow and make cool noises, but dragons fly, breathe fire, and come rescue you when you're in trouble.
  5. The people who wrote "How to Train Your Dragon" had a sense of humor.
  6. Luke's prosthetic hand is just as good as his old one. There's no cost. Hiccup, on the other hand... or should I say foot...
  7. Stoic the Vast has a village to feed and protect. Darth Vader just struts around and strangles people when he gets mad.
  8. Hiccup has friends his own age.
  9. It is much more fun to see someone learning how to tame a dragon than learning how to move boring rocks with their mind.
  10. If the clones have a war with the droids, does it really matter if anyone gets hurt? I cared about the Vikings---they were people! And as Toothless and Hiccup become friends, the dragons started to feel like people too. I CARED!


Kathy said...

11. Luke didn't like his current circumstances living with his Aunt & Uncle, so what did he do? Whine & complain till circumstances dropped a new opportunity in his lap. Hiccup didn't like his current living circumstances, so what did he do? He used his imagination to try to change his circumstances for the better by his own efforts.

Susan Quinn said...

12. The inner strengths of Hiccup were intelligence and empathy, not mitichlorians.

Rebecca J. Carlson said...

You guys are AWESOME!

Frozen Cacti said...

13. At least one parent was involved in the story instead of him being an orphan.

We love it.