Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Its All In Your Head

I pulled out my debit card to pay the dishwasher repair man. "I was just thinking about how unreal money is these days. I never see it. The numbers go to my bank..."

"And then they disappear! Magically." The dishwasher repair man laughed.

"I know. The value of money exists only by common consent of society. If we all decided it was worth one hundred times less than it is now... does that make you nervous?"

The question hung in the air as he swiped my card on his portable debit card reader, then typed on the keyboard of  his portable computer. At last he glanced at me, blue eyes serious. "Yes."

"Of course then my mortgage would seem smaller." I shrugged.

The corners of his white mustache twitched up. "I guess."

After signing my name for the transfer of my imaginary money, I showed the dishwasher repair man to the front door. "So how long are these dishwasher motors supposed to last? I mean, this is my third dishwasher in six years in this house."

"Oh, the life expectancy for this kind of dishwasher is ten to twelve years."

AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Who came up with that imaginary number?


Susan Quinn said...

The dishwasher sales guy.


Rebecca J. Carlson said...

So if my dishwasher is supposed to last ten years, and it costs $80 a year for the extended warrantee, then I should just save up my money and buy an $800 dishwasher ten years from now?

Lisa said...

They make things so cheap now that it is hard to stretch your dollars. I saw an article online about how companies purposefully build their products to a specific lifespan. Is it just me or is that cheating/lying/stealing... ?

If you're going to make products that are only supposed to last two years, that should be on some sort of warning label.

Fiscal Warning: This product is intended to self-destruct in 24 months.

**Notice they would not say 2 years because the number 24 looks bigger than the number 2.