Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Late-winter sunshine poured over me as I snuggled back in my coat against the park bench, watching my son dash around the playground with the other children whose parents and caretakers had been tempted out by the pleasant weather.

A tiny, gleaming speck fell through the bright air. Puzzled, I pursed my lips and watched as I became aware of a strange rain coming down all around me. I could see nothing collecting on the pavement, but every few seconds a bright dust mote fell like a tiny meteor.

Curious, I tipped my chin up to see what was above me. A pine tree. Fat ropes of green bulbs dangled down from the ends of the branches. Bulbs that were sprinkling...


I bought a new bottle of allergy pills at Costco today.


Kathy said...

why do the most beautiful outside times of year also have to be filled with pollens??? i guess plant life takes advantage of the pleasant weather, too - all part of the amazing cycle of life, but no fun for those of us with sensitive sinuses!!! just doesn't seem fair...

Susan Quinn said...


When we lived in the mountains of CO, the yellow pollen would form a 1/4 inch layer on every horizontal surface, as an entire forest of evergreens released their pollen simultaneously.

Reminded me of the Dust Bowl.