Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Research and Development

What part of the writing process do I like the most? It's hard to say. I know I love research and development. Yesterday I had my college physics text open as I scribbled equations in my notebook and made sketches for interplanetary spacecraft. I also read for hours about the history of slavery, from the Israelites in bondage in Egypt to modern-day child camel jockeys in Saudi-Arabia.

I just have to make sure that all of this exciting research doesn't overshadow the plot.

Last night, in looking over my work for the day, I clapped my hands to my head and exclaimed, "I started out with this fun little swash-buckling space-pirate adventure story, and now I'm having to draw on my knowledge of the entirety of human civilization!"

My daughter shouted from the other room, "That's because you're the only one who is going to do it right!"

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Susan Quinn said...

First, your daughter is awesome.

Second, I love the research too, but yes, it is difficult to not get lost-in-love with it. Because it's so fun!

Third, I go back and forth with plot-research-plot-research, where often the plot requires additional research and then that research requires additional plot.

Can't wait to see your space adventure! Wrecked is an awesome name.