Thursday, March 18, 2010

Arch and Pillar

If you're not familiar with harp terminology, the arch of a harp is that curvy part on top where the strings attach to the pins. The pillar is the piece that holds up the arch. In traditional harp making, these are cut as two different pieces and joined. I keep things simple and cut them as one piece out of plywood. Here's the template:
The grid is marked in inches. The green lines are the outline for the arch and pillar piece, while the red lines show where the box will go.

Trace the pattern for the arch and pillar piece onto a 4 ft by 4 ft sheet of 3/4 inch plywood. Lay the pattern out so the pillar runs along the grain. You should have enough room to cut out two. One for now and one for later, or one for yourself and one for a friend:
Rough cut the pieces using a circular saw or a table saw, and then cut them out with a 1/4 inch bandsaw blade. Sand the edges to get off all the bandsaw marks, and then fill any gaps with wood putty.

Next time: The Sound Box

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Joe Bandsaw said...

When using your bandsaw, you can get different radius cuts depending on the width of your band saw blade. A 1/4" wide blade is capable of a 1-1/2" minimum radius. If you need a tighter radius, go to and look for a 3/8" wide blade or a 1/8" wide blade. Hope this helps! -Joe Bandsaw