Friday, January 22, 2010

Earthcrosser Back in Orbit

I got word today that my manuscript has arrived safely, and is now waiting in line to be considered. Thanks so much to everyone who read draft 8 and gave me suggestions. Every pair of eyes helps!

While I wait, I'm going to be revising my next book. I have something new to try. Lately, I've heard more than one professional author talk about creating a solid synopsis BEFORE writing a book. I'll try it for this revision, and also for a new book which I plan to draft this summer. Since I seem to have more trouble with story than with any other element of my writing, I think this will really help me get that in hand.


Kathy said...

good luck & best wishes on it all!

Nisa said...

There's an idea. I'll have to try that with my next one. Hey, I discovered Mormon Mommy Writers, which lead me here. Hope you don't mind another stalker! Er... Follower! :D