Friday, December 11, 2009

Gummi Bear Castle

Each year on Thanksgiving weekend, we make a gingerbread creation. Here's this year's entry: The Gummi Bear Castle.

We made the windows by cutting holes in the pieces of cookie dough, then filling them with crushed hard candies. In the oven, the crushed candy melts and turns into a colored window pane.

My daughter, the gingerbread architect, drew up the plans for the castle. She helped me put it together, then all the children decorated it the next day.

Welcome to the Gummi Bear Castle!

My son had the idea to have one of the bears on the battlements look through a telescope.


becbloggin said...

SWEET...pun intended :) that is awesome-thanks for the all gingerbread inspirations and tips-you guys are so creative! good job amber.

Kathy said...


Terresa said...

Amazing! That is some castle! Never seen anything like it.

PS: I just came across a comment of yours on MMW and had to stop by.

You are inspiring!! And I'm going to see the Princess & the frog this week, can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

That is really cool You guys have great ideas and talent.