Monday, October 5, 2009

Doin' the Numbers

Today I learned that the tap water in my town has an average of 325 mg/l of calcium carbonate in the water. That means if I drink two liters of water every day, I'll get 60% of my recommended daily calcium intake! FROM THE WATER!

Mooooove over, Bessie!

Last night I got mad when I found out how much my husband's new health benefits package from his new job is going to cost us every month. Then I dug out all our dental bills from last year and tallied them up.


That health plan, well, they ain't gonna be making any money on us.


Kathy said...

amazing what we can learn by takin' the time to do the numbers! knowledge is power, as they say...

Unknown said...

Pretty sure our insurance company doesn't love us. Especially the dental. Our dentist loves us though - lots and lots and lots.