Monday, September 28, 2009

Take Your Medicine

Allergy season is here! Loratadine works well for me, when I take it. This morning I felt good. I felt fine. I thought, "I don't need my allergy pill today."

By noon I'm sneezing and sitting on my hands to keep from rubbing my eyes.

Silly me.

I changed my mind and took my medicine.


Kimbooly said...

We should show this post to stubborn children....

But then again, they may realize that adults can be stubborn, too!

Kathy said...

ah yes, consistency is the key here... In fact, I have found that sometimes I can be rewarded for good consistency with Loritadine. If I'm real good & take it at the same time of day for several days it seems to "build up an immunity" in me or trick my body into thinking I no longer have allergies or that allergy season is over so that I can then go for sometimes quite a while without taking it (like a week or two) before my symptoms show up again. I'm glad someone invented it, cuz it works well for me, too! and is SO MUCH BETTER than those itchy eyes & runny nose!!