Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Wheel of Time Turns Slowly

This afternoon I came upon my husband reading The Eye of the World, first book of Robert Jordan's popular Wheel of Time series. I frowned when I saw how the pages lay. "Hey, you're still only a quarter of the way done with that book."
"I fell asleep once," he said.
"Twice!" I reminded him. The first time he cracked the book he fell asleep before page thirty. Then he'd fallen asleep again when he'd tried to read it the next day.
He raised his eyebrows at me. "No, today. I fell asleep once today."
I laughed. "That makes three times!"
When I was a teenager I really enjoyed that book. My dad bought the sequels for us, each one as they came out. But my husband has never been a big fantasy fan. He just loves Brandon Sanderson's books, and Brandon Sanderson has the honor of finishing the Wheel of Time series in Robert Jordan's absence. My husband wanted to read some of the earlier books before Brandon Sanderson's installments to the series come out.
No hurry, Mr. Sanderson! The reading is going to take a good long time.


becbloggin said...

i have not one but two daughters named after characters in those books...but ive never read them :) i do LOVE the mistborn series though...maybe russel will inspire me!

Rebecca J. Carlson said...

Yes, Bec, I was just thinking about you, how when we met and you told me your daughter's names I thought they were lovely and I asked you what language they were from. "Oh, they're from a series of books my husband really likes."
"Oh!" I said,suddenly realizing where I'd heard those names before. "I know that series!"
We've all been good friends ever since.