Saturday, August 29, 2009


My children are growing up surrounded by cameras---digital cameras, video cameras, cell phone cameras. Any time you want you can snip out a piece of life and store it on the hard drive. What does that do to their little brains?


becbloggin said...

been there! most the time when i take a pic or video my kids want to see it right away...usually i tell them they just LIVED it :) i was trying to video z at the water park the other day and couldnt because he kept wanting to see himself on the screen.

Kathy said...

I have a video clip of Rachelle as a little tike where she spends most of the clip saying in her little baby voice; "wanna see, wanna see." It is an interesting phenomena, isn't it? How interested we are in wanting to see ourselves! I remember when I was a teenager wondering how my forebears had gotten along without being able to even look in a mirror to see themselves. It got me thinking about how many people on this earth have lived & died without ever seeing themselves, and how they probably lived better lives because they weren't so caught up how they looked!