Sunday, July 26, 2009

More or Less Real?

Do blogs make people seem more real or less real?

I remember finding a literary agent's blog back when I first began to send out letters hoping to find someone to represent my books. After I read it I realized that literary agents are real people too. That had never occurred to me. I thought they were little machines they kept in office basements somewhere in New York, little machines that took in manuscripts and spat out rejection letters. It just charmed my socks off to find a literary agent who liked to can applesauce from her own trees-- it shattered my false impression and warmed my heart.

On the other hand, on my friends' blogs I read funny gripes about the mommy life, see pictures of cute crafts and projects, and get extended play-by-play accounts of princess birthday parties with lots of photographic evidence. Is that real life either? Am I really keeping up with my friends by reading their blogs, or would it better to make a phone call? Find out what's really going on?

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Kathy said...

thoughtful thoughts, daughter dear. i, for one, like the opportunity your blog gives me to peek into your life & mind through your posts. but i would agree that it is a different level of "getting to know someone" than existed in pre-computer life... & it takes time to post, read others'posts, respond to posts, browse blogs to see if there's anything new & interesting to read, etc, etc... So, is it a new way to use our time, or to waste our time? only time will tell ;-)