Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Edit Post

I was sick earlier this month. From July 5th to July 25th I had some horrible kind of respiratory infection that made me feel I was on the verge of pneumonia. Some of my friends have suggested it was the swine flu, but I don't believe it. It didn't feel like flu. It felt like I had knives in my throat and someone was poking my chest from the inside with a stick.

Anyways, I got in the habit of sitting in front of the computer all day. I couldn't walk around and do my housework, could I? Now that I'm healthy again I should catch up on real life, but I've gotten addicted to the "Edit Post" button.

My favorite thing about "instant desktop publishing" is that I can edit even after I've published! Those of you who read my blog posts may have noticed that they change. In subtle ways. A word gone here, a sentence re-structured there. I realized this morning that most of the time I spend on the internet is wasted in narcissistic reading of my own blogs, as I hunt for bits that could be made better.

I have OCED - Obsessive Compulsive Editing Disorder.

Oh, if only I could edit my comments too!