Monday, June 22, 2009

Amber's Harp Songs

Ten years ago, when I first began to play the harp, I would sit up in my daughter's room at night and practice while she fell asleep.

Now she plays the harp herself, and composes. All her music has a distinctly Celtic feel to it, I imagine because that is the style I was drawn to when I began to play.

Here are three of her original harp tunes:

Dragonflies (short)
Autumn Wind (long)
Days End (longer)


Kathy said...

What a talented young harpist!! She both composes & plays so beautifully. You must be so proud of her. Her pieces are all so well named, too. I could just see a little dragonfly flitting about my pond in the first piece, the leaves blowing about in the second, and the third was perfect as my day is drawing to a close with a few scattered pink clouds as evening falls softly. WOW! I sure hope she keeps this talent growing! She has a gift.

elizabeth mueller said...

Wow! PLaying the harp! My heroine in my first novel ever loves to play the harp. I wish I knew, too!

Oh, by the way, I scored a 23 on your Peregrins destiny test thingie!
Cute test!

elizabeth mueller said...

PS--Amber is so very talented, I must agree with Kathy! Just brings tears to my eyes! Love it love it love it!