Friday, May 1, 2009

This is Your Lunch?

Today at school we had Family Picnic Day. On this day, parents can come in during lunch period and have a picnic lunch out on the school playground with the students.

I was running late this morning so I had my boys get the hot lunch. Right now hot lunch costs $1.50 at our school.

This is what they got:

Now, I know there are budget cuts and food prices have gone up, but really! Three big crackers, tomato sauce, and some shredded cheese? It wasn't even warm. There was ice on the bottom of the sauce.

My son assured me that hot lunch is usually better than this, but it still cost me $1.50.


Kathy said...

I can't believe this to be true!! It's highway robbery in the guise of a school lunch! I mean, how many parents even know what their kid's school lunches look like? We give them the money and trust in the school districts to provide a decent meal. That $1.50 plastic box of nothing is NOT a decent meal! When I think back to what I was served for (this will date me) 25 cents (35 if you wanted milk, too) I realize how much has changed! We would get a tray and walk down a line telling the nice ladies behind the counter which of the choices we wanted and they would make up a nice hot plate for us. I loved the chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes & gravy and green beans or corn. And on Fridays there was always fish as one of the options ;-)

becbloggin said...

thats a pizza lunchable and they usually cost $2.50 unless you hit a sale then they can be as low as $ avi likes them-but i think YUCK! that definitely is NOT hot lunch. my kids have always refused to get hot lunch and one day as i was leaving the school after volunteering-i saw why. they really do not look very appetizing. sheez! that is a far cry from what we called hot lunch back in the day--i loved hot lunch in southern utah best-it was like what kathy mentioned. what can you expect from a district that gives our students 10 minutes of playtime BEFORE they eat their lunch. :(

Pmom said...

That is really shameful.