Monday, May 18, 2009

Solar Cooker Season

See that? That's dinner cooking, nice and easy. By six o'clock this evening we'll have pulled pork in barbecue sauce and solar cooker potatoes. It took me about fifteen minutes to cut up the potatoes and get the cookers set up, and when dinner comes around all I have to do is set the table.

One of my professors at BYU invented this nifty cooking method. The cone-shaped reflector focuses the sunlight on a line at the center. In that line I put a black-painted mason jar with raw food in side, the lid screwed on tight, and a clear plastic bag around it for insulation. Then I sit back, relax, and let old Sol do all the work.

I love physics.


becbloggin said...

i can attest to the goodness of the pulled pork! so awesome :)

Rebecca Mother of A Tribe said...

Ha ha, I should retract this post. The clouds came in about two o'clock, and now the pork is simmering on the stove while the potatoes bake in the oven.

Clouds! There aren't supposed to be any clouds in Las Vegas in May! Must be global warming or the economy or maybe the swine flu or something.

Kathy said...

;-) Your not-so-sunny adventure in cooking gave me a smile... "the best laid plans" as they say... Well, at least you did have the option of turning to your stove in time of need... and i'm sure you still managed to have a delicious meal!

Roc of the Desert said...

Delicious was an understatement.