Friday, May 1, 2009

I Haven't Been Punished Yet

Three years ago I did a Career Week presentation on being a homemaker. Why not? No one pays me for it, but that's what I do. One of the teachers made me feel really good by saying, "I want to come live at your house."

This year I went ahead and signed up for Career Week as an author. Why not? No book contract yet, but I've sold a few stories to magazines, and one editor said she'd look at a rewrite of my latest manuscript. I'm up and coming!

I presented thirty-minute sessions for eight different groups of children ranging in age from Kindergarten to third grade. The third-graders impressed me by naming over a dozen authors in just a minute or two. It reminded me why I'm doing this. We talked about practicing writing every day, I showed them how to write a cover letter to submit a story to a magazine, and then I talked about how to publish books (that last one on a theoretical basis only).

One of my friends told me that her son came home and reported, "We saw Mrs. Carlson at school today. Did you know she's written three books but she hasn't been punished yet?"

Someone punish me, please.


Kathy said...

ha ha ha - very cute!

becbloggin said...

you definitly deserve to be published--but not punished. that is too funny! :)

matildawrites said...

I have to apologize, apparently I misquoted Marcus and he was quite upset. You haven't been POLISHED yet. It's still funny.

Kathy said...

oh - even cuter than first reported, and much more fitting! Surely the process of bringing forth of a book does a lot of polishing to our characters!