Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Preparing for Pandemic

A few years ago, after the Bird Flu scare, I quietly did some internet research and created a flu kit with instructions for home care of flu victims, OTC medicines, and other items one might want to have on hand if quarantined to the house in a major flu epidemic. I've used it often, especially the recipe for home-made re-hydration solution. Now with the Swine Flu outbreak I wonder if I'll get to put my flu kit to the test.

I've heard CNN is getting ready for the pandemic too. The Las Vegas Sun reported this morning that "CNN already has graphics and theme music." I'll sell the popcorn!


becbloggin said...

i would love to hear more about this flu kit and all that is insid eof it. what an awesome idea!

Rebecca Mother of A Tribe said...

My Flu Kit Contains:

A thermometer

It would be good to have one large bottle of each of these per person, as flu can last two weeks and at maximum dosages you can easily use up 100 tabs in that time.

The following perscription drugs are helpful, but I can't get them w/o a perscription:

Hydrocodone (painkiller)
Valium (for anxiety)

Oral Rehydration Solution:

1 quart clean water
3 Tbsp honey or sugar
1/4 tsp salt

I lived on this oral rehydration solution last time I had a serious GI infection. It is great stuff. After respiratory failure, the next major killer of flu victims is simple dehydration. If you need to treat a flu victim in your home, keeping them hydrated will be your most important job, and can save their life.

roc of the desert said...

And rather than sugar or honey, using powdered lemonade mix (the full sugar kind -- not crystal lite or sugar-free mixes like that) can make it taste better.

Kathy said...

THANK YOU for this helpful, important information! If only the "news" media would give out helpful information instead of all the hype! Have you noticed how opinions now seem much more important than facts?!?!?