Sunday, March 22, 2009

The One Less Serving Club

I have reached that stage of life where I need a new wardrobe --- not because my clothes are all out of style, but because they're getting too tight.

I can't afford another wardrobe this year.

Instead, I've started a One Less Serving Club. If I'm gradually gaining weight and I don't have any other health problems then that probably means I eat more than I need to. Let's face it - most Americans eat more than they need to. My son (who has been slightly overweight since fourth grade) and I made a pact to eat one less serving at every meal. He used to eat three or four servings of everything, but now he has two, sometimes three. I used to eat two or three, but now I have one. I can eat whatever we're having - I simply eat less of it. When it comes time for dessert I have some, I just have less than I used to.

I started this about three weeks ago. On the third or fourth day I felt hungry between meals, but then that went away. Now if I try to eat two servings at a meal, my stomach feels too full! I still can't get into that cute denim skirt I used to wear in college, but that's not my goal. I feel great knowing I'm no longer wasting food that I don't need to eat.


beth said...

What a great idea! I'm signing up!

Kathy said...

way to go, rebecca! you have reached that dreaded age where you still feel young, but the old body metabolism starts to slow. it's the pits because you'd like to eat the same as you always have, but that is no longer what your body needs. let's face it - it's just fun to eat! but it's even more fun to feel healthy & vigorous in your later years. so hang in there! you will be glad you did for years to come.

Our Blog said...

my mom, Zina, mentioned your blog for books! i am Angela, Zina's oldest daughter. apparently you are my second cousin's (Russell Carlson, son of Rex and Alice Carlson) wife! i enjoyed the book reviews very much! i am on goodreads, and enjoy that site also!

Kathy said...

ok - so here's a quote from the Consumer Report Health flier that Dad & I get: "Is middle-aged weight gain inevitable? While some 80% of women in a Brigham Young University study put on at least 2.2 pounds over a three-year period, roughly 20% didn't. Their secret? Cutting back on calories. Researchers said that dietary restraint might be even more important than increasing exercise in fighting off middle-aged bulge." Thought you might enjoy this ;-)