Friday, February 13, 2009

Space Explorers Ready for Launch!

I signed up to be a merit badge counselor for the "Space Exploration" merit badge at a big merit badge midway for the local Boy Scouts on Saturday morning. I'm going to show dozens of tween-aged boys how Newton's laws of motion operate, show them a video of the Messenger spacecraft's trajectory, discuss the International Space Station, tell them about the careers of some of my friends who work with the space program, and then in two weeks we're going to launch model rockets.

What a blast!

Hey, how come the Girl Scouts never did stuff like this? I remember going camping and stringing beads and learning to dance the Cotton-Eyed Joe. I wanted to shoot BB guns and launch rockets. Maybe that's why the Good Lord sent me four sons.


Teric said...

That merit badge was TONS of fun! Gosh, I'm really excited/jealous that you get to be a merit badge counselor for it. This is right up your alley and then some!

beth said...

I never got into Girl Scouts...4-H was the better option for girls. No badges, but still lots of fun!

Rebecca Mother of A Tribe said...

So, Teric, are you jealous of me because I get to be the merit badge counselor or are you jealous of the boys who get me for their merit badge counselor?

becbloggin said...

YAY! cj is going but i of course didnt choose which badges he will go for...i hope he gets to come to yours. you will do AWESOME and it sounds fun!