Monday, February 2, 2009

More Plumbing Adventures

Since I'm trying to get ready to sell the house I thought I'd get started on the downstairs bathroom. Step 1 - rip off the baseboard. Step 2 - hey, is that WATER IN THERE???

Step 3 - I got my hand saw and started cutting holes in the wall. Before long I found the culprit - a leaky joint in the waste pipe from the upstairs bathrooms.

Oh grooooss.

Maybe I overreacted, but I cut out every bit of the floor that had gotten damp, plus all the wall board that had any traces of mildew or water damage on the back. I was already going to re-do the floor, and I don't mind patching the wall because it used to bulge a little in that spot (hmm. . . I should have suspected something). This picture was taken just after I sprayed everything down with bleach solution.

Today I'm getting estimates on the waste pipe repair.

Plumber #1 wanted to rip another three feet out of my wall and replace a huge section of pipe. Estimate: $1040.00

Plumber #2 thought I had probably ripped out enough wall (he told me all I needed to do was spray it with bleach water and paint over with Kilz. I'd like to know how I was supposed to spray the back side of the wall board). He just wanted to replace the leaky joint area with a rubber boot (just what I would have done if I was brave enough to cut into a waste pipe). Estimate: $285.00

That's better, but still a bit disheartening when your husband was laid off from work last Friday and the free e-file tax return site can't seem to find your account.

I've got one more estimate coming this evening, and then I'll probably schedule the work. In the mean time we're down to one bathroom - unless I want more sewage water dripping.


beth said...

Oh no! I will pray for you and your family. My granny always said that bad luck comes in 3s...sounds like between sewage, jobs, and taxes, your bad luck is done and you're ready for some good luck!

Cherilyn said...

Having recently embarked on my own plumbing adventures, I fully sympathize. But don't be afraid to do the work yourself - it's really not that hard, and much cheaper. And since the plumber already told you what to do, you won't have to guess at the right solution!

JB Plumbing said...

That doesn't look too pretty at all. You are on the right path, have a professional take care of it. Just don't get ripped off!

Rebecca Mother of A Tribe said...

I got three estimates and I'm going for the $300 one. I mean, that sounds like a lot, but the plumber has bills to pay too.

Kimbooly said...

Ew ew ew.

You can get Kilz in a can (as in paint can) and reach up with your hand on the inside of the wall to paint it, since you wouldn't be able to "spray" that side.

Ugh, so sorry, Rebecca!