Friday, January 16, 2009

World Building

With four drafts and an encouraging letter from the editor in my back pocket, I'm ready to take on Earthcrosser my way. My teacher at the writing workshop told me to finish the book and submit it as soon as I could, before the editor forgot who I was. That meant my habitual three or four years of world building had to be skipped so I could get on with things and write the prose. No, I'm not going to make the editor wait three years for a re-write, but I'm no longer in a desperate rush. I can let the ideas distill into my brain. I can ask thousands of questions about the world and wait for my imagination to answer. I can think things through until my alternate world approaches the complexity and intensity of real life.

So today I'm having lots of fun figuring out how to destroy modern civilization and keep it down for fifty years. Wish me luck!


Kimbooly said...

Your final paraghraph really takes the cake! Good luck with your re-writes!

beth said...

If one word describes me, it'd be impatient. I'm totally impressed by your patience! Good luck!

Cherilyn said...

LOL! Have fun destroying the world, Rebecca!