Sunday, January 4, 2009

No More Patch!

After about seven months of patch therapy, my three year old son now has two equally strong eyes! He was diagnosed with amblyopia back in May. When he first started wearing his patch he was so blind in his left eye that he ran into walls and couldn't do his wooden puzzles. Now his left eye works just as well as his right. I'm proud of him, and of myself because I was the one who had to make sure he wore the thing for two hours every day.

But now the doctor says no more patch! In a few weeks we'll go for a check up to make sure his eyes are still equal. Now I have to make sure he wears his glasses every waking minute, but that's easy compared to the patch.


becbloggin said...

yay! excellent job to bothe of you! :)

Che said...
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Cherilyn said...

That is extra cool. Except, now you don't have a pirate for a son. Bummer.