Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Voted for McCain

Apparently, President Elect Obama plans to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which, as I understand it, makes abortion a right just like freedom of speech. Underage girls will not need to get parental consent. Partial birth abortions will be legal. Please do your own research on this issue:

If there ever was a time to write your congressman, here it is. We need to focus on preventing unwanted pregnancies, promoting adoption, and supporting women who want to carry their babies to term. Making any and all abortions legal sounds like giving up to me.

Abortion is not an easy and pleasant procedure. I believe convenience abortions degrade women because they invade the sacred wellspring of life. On the other hand, I do not think all abortions should be illegal. There are medical reasons to have an abortion. There are also some instances in which I think an early abortion could be justified for social reasons, such as in the case of rape or incest. But an attitude of "who cares if I get pregnant, I'll just have an abortion" shows a lack of understanding of the significance of the power, the gift, the honor that it is to create human life within ourselves.


Kathy said...

well, i've done my research as you suggested and an sitting here in tears. what is happening to our nation that a potential human life can be of such little value? these little unborn ones have no voice with which to cry out to be spared and given a chance. what about their right to choose to live? how hard-hearted has our government become???

One Sweet Life said...

When we had the miscarriage, it was a technical abortion procedure that they performed to take the baby afterwards. The physical side effects were felt for a LONG time afterwards ... considering how painful it all was, and all the ways it HURT during Savannah's pregnancy, I'm surprised anyone would EVER choose that willingly ... even if they don't value babies and life the way we do.

Kathy said...

"One Sweet Life's" comments have reminded me of something else - how often do we hear about the long-term affects of an abortion on those that have them, both physical and even more importantly, emotional? What percentage of those that have them "for convenience" or to avoid uncomfortable situations end up wishing they could go back and choose differently? How often are these women too afraid to speak up about how they are really feeling? I think their testimonials alone would be enough to change the way the rest of the world feels about this issue! But under the circumstances they aren't very likely to speak up.

matildaquilts said...

Well said.

Kimbooly said...

Sadly, "Since 1973, abortion has taken the lives of over 45 million innocents."

This is painful for me to watch because Satan has very carefully couched the pro-choice option to sound like a civil rights issue (the issue of a woman's 'choice,' even though a baby doesn't GET to choose). Sigh.