Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted!

As I left my house this morning on my way to the poll a small brigade of children biked by. "Vote for McCain!" one shouted. "Vote for Obama!" another one called. I laughed and waved.

When I got to the school I showed my voter registration card and signed for my vote. At the next table a short Asian woman with a cute page-boy haircut argued that she hadn't voted yet, even though the records showed she had voted early.
"Where did I vote early?" she asked.
"At the Galleria Mall," the voting day volunteer showed her the record on the computer screen.
"I never go there!" she insisted angrily.

What if that had been me? What if someone had stolen my vote? It wouldn't be too hard. They could steal my voter information booklet out of the mail and forge my signature. What if someone had stolen my vote? The thought made me sick. It would only be one little vote, but it would be MY vote, my chance to have a say, my voice, my freedom.



One Sweet Life said...

We did vote early (last Tuesday) at the mall ... it was fantastic, and so fast! Now ... if only all the people I want to win would win ...

Kathy said...

That would be an upsetting experience to be told you had already voted when you knew you hadn't - kind of like when you realize your wallet is gone & you don't know who took it, or what they have done with it. It makes your insides feel ripped out - it seems so wrong that something so personally yours could be openly used by someone that is not you!

beth said...

Wow..I cannot imagine how horrible it would be for my vote to be stolen. I never even thought of that possibility! I hope that woman was able to eventually vote...or at least that the person who stole the vote gets caught!

Kimbooly said...

I thought of this all day yesterday. I would have felt SO JIPPED! (GYPED? GIPPED?) And I was going to come back and point out, but you have to show your license, and then I went and voted.

And they didn't even ask for my license or any photo ID.

All I had to prove was the address I am listed as living at. THAT'S ALL. That is really scary.

Anyway, changing subjects. I responded to a thread last night before prop 8 passed (yay!), and I stole your words, so I just wanted to let you know. They are so profound, I used them nearly word-for-word. I also added another item, biology (you did scientist, citizen, adult human, and christian; I left out religion completely because on youtube I didn't feel I could argue religion if someone doesn't believe it)

Anyway, here's a link if you want to see:

I apologize in advance for some of the language other people use in their posts.

becbloggin said...

well said! thanks for the reminder...how blessed we are!