Thursday, November 13, 2008


I got to the end of draft 4 yesterday, but I'm not quite ready to submit yet. First some housekeeping tasks. I thought I'd learned when to use it's and when to use its, I thought I knew the difference between a beat and a tag in dialogue, but once again it looks like when I really get rolling with the writing my old bad habits resurface. I got the it's-its's done, and right now I am half-way through the onerous task of checking the punctuation on every line of dialogue. Yes, I know they have copy editors to do that, but I really, really want the editor to enjoy my manuscript instead of going, "Ooof! Ouch! Ack!" every time her eye trips over a bad comma.


beth said...

I applaud your effort! And I agree entirely--the ms. should be as perfect as possible for the editor. Let me know if you need help!

Kimbooly said...

So I am loving being the best friend you (the writer) could have.

Yay me.

And I enjoyed draft 4. Hope you like my comments about it.