Monday, October 27, 2008

What is it With the Reviews?

No one ever comments on my reviews! Are they all that boring?

Anyways, I just finished reading "Alcatraz Vs. The Scrivener's Bones." It is absolutely awesome. I can't even start talking about it without dropping spoilers so read it for yourself! Instead, I will just tell you it is smart, funny, action-packed, clever, suspenseful to the last drop, and the final scene had me laughing my head off.

I was going to tell you what the final scene was, but I can't because that would spoil everything.

Buy it. Read it. Now.


becbloggin said...

i absolutely love your reviews!! please keep them coming. i am so hoping to read the last three books you have reviewed. i very much value you and your husband's opinions of books. sorry i dont always comment-i just get wrapped up in your great reviews and wish i had more time to read! i also greatly enjoy your movie reviews as well...even the ones i have already seen :)

beth said...

I haven't commented because I haven't read/watched a lot of the things you have lately. I'm catching up, though--I've just finished Ember!