Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Perfect timing! Scientists at Mount Lemmon observatory near Tucson, Arizona spotted a tiny asteroid about a day before it struck the earth's atmosphere over Egypt, burning up in a spectacular display that outshone the moon. Here's the article:

This is the FIRST, the very first time an object from outer space has been spotted before it hits. All you Earthcrosser readers will be interested in this link to animated observational photos of the asteroid, which perfectly match a certain scene in my book:

Yes, I feel very vindicated today, thank you.


Kimbooly said...

Very, very cool.

angela said...

You just totally gave away part of your book!

...I guess your blog readers are mostly your test readers, too, so it doesn't matter that much :)

Rebecca J. Carlson said...

I am resigned to the fact that most readers of Earthcrosser will look at the cover material, which will probably say something about asteroids, since the subject dominates the second half of the book. Most reviews will mention the asteroid thing, most book blurbs, etc. etc. The reader will know about the asteroid. Hopefully they will still sympathize with Nathan, who does not know about the asteroid. Hee hee.

angela said...

This is a great picture, with reference to the asteroid-crashing-into-the-earth's-atmosphere subject: