Thursday, October 16, 2008

Draft Three Test Readers, Line Up Here!

I am one chapter away from being done with draft three. Do I have a second round of test readers out there? I'd like to get some new people to look at this manuscript next week.

It is a great little book, and I'm very proud of it, but is it good enough?

Now I am almost as scared as I was at the beginning. When I began I wondered if I could create a book that lived up to that first chapter that caught the attention of a professional editor. In the middle of the process I could forget about all that and simply enjoy my craft. Now here at the end, once again, I wonder if I did it.

Oh the delightful agony of suspense!


beth said...

Wow...I am totally impressed by the speed of your submissions! I'm always there to read for you if you'd like, and good luck!

Frozen Cacti said...

Since we only got through the first two chapters would you be willing to let us have another go? The only catch is we need a paper copy...that's why we didn't finish it last time. I can't read from a screen. Do you have a print out you can send us? I'm too poor to make my own copy!