Monday, August 4, 2008

Fashion Statement

When I was in high school I wouldn't be caught dead in bell bottoms, unless it was, like, 70's day and we were supposed to look freaky weird.

They must have been back in style for a while because I found a pair on clearance at Wal-Mart. Granted I didn't know what they were until I got them home and tried them on. Oh well, I thought, those tacky things go right into the charity box.

But instead I hung them up in my closet and one day when the laundry was overdue I had nothing else to wear. I put them on and hoped no one would notice.

They were surprisingly comfortable in the Las Vegas heat. I got some nice air circulation around my calves, almost like wearing capri pants. Now I wear them now and then, so long as I'm not going anywhere that I care very much what people think of me.

And let me tell you what was really freaky weird. I went to a musical revue a few months ago and they had an 80's segment. Staring at those costumes, I realized- I used to wear stuff like that! My friends used to wear stuff like that! I've still got my cowgirl skirt in my closet, even though it is too small for me now - like my daughter is going to want to be caught dead in it!


One Sweet Life said...

LOL! What is really funny is some of those 80's things are coming back! Leg warmers anyone???

Kathy said...

bell bottoms, eh? how i wish i'd kept the pair i made for myself when i was in junior high!!! you probably wouldn't believe that your mother could have ever worn such a pair of pants, let alone pick out such material and make them! i may have an old photo of either myself or my sister wearing them. maybe i should look for it... we loved 'em!