Friday, July 18, 2008

I Love You Mommy!

My husband and I signed up to do a dance number at the church pot-luck social and talent show. This would have been fine, except I have a three-year-old child, and someone brought Nacho Cheese Doritos.

First, my three-year-old stands at the buffet table, munching Nacho Cheese Doritos right from the bag. Then he comes over to our table, where I have cut up a hot dog for him. He pats me on the back, and on the shoulder, and on my chest. "I love you, mommy!" he says, and kisses me on one cheek, then goes around and kisses me on the other, and then does it again.

"You've got cheese powder all over your shirt," my husband informs me.

And on my face too, no doubt. At my first chance I run to the ladies' room and try to scrub the cheese powder off with a wet paper towel. Fortunately, I had worn a black shirt.

The dance number went well, even if I was a little cheesy.


kira said...

hahaha. nobody noticed ... and in my own defense ... i HAD to bring those chips ... the kids begged me and there was no hope of making something yummy tonight. ;)

Kathy said...

how fun to see the two of you out there cutting a rug - i mean scuffing the court ;-)

becbloggin said...

yay! im so glad i got to see a little of your dance number :) looked like fun! thanks again so much for having our family over for dinner on thursday. wish we could have made the talent show...we were helping dave's sister with some remodeling at their new house. they will be in our ward! hope the skit and harp playing went as well as it did when they showed us! :)

Kimbooly said...

I absolutely LOVE your post. It's clever, funny, and precious. All at the same time. And your dance is a pretty fun ending to the post.
It's very fun to see you dancing. Aaah, how much I love dancing!
Oh, and did I mention how well-written your post was? You could be a writer! ; )

Frozen Cacti said...

Luckily the cheese doesn't show up on the video. Does Russel dance when he vaccums too?

Teric said...

YAY Real ballroom dancing! :D You guys look so cute out there. And no, I didn't see any chip powder on your shirt.