Thursday, July 10, 2008

How Did They Do It?

How did anyone ever write science fiction before the internet?

If I want to know what crops can be grown in Northern New Mexico, what sheep like to eat, whether the people could make hydrogen peroxide or chlorine bleach with materials they might have on hand, how they would grind their own gunpowder, or the best way to deflect a 2 km asteroid, it is all a few clicks away on the internet!

Working on this book is so much fun because it concerns lots of things I am very interested in and already know a lot about. It is easy to fill in the gaps in my knowledge with a cruise around the internet.


Teric said...

Hahaha you've hit the nail squarely on the head, Rebecca. It boggles my mind how those Sci-Fi (or any fiction) writers got all of their facts straight before the internet. The research much have been painful at times.

I'm excited for your new project!

Kimbooly said...

I agree. It applies to all areas, too. I had 3 boys miss our Craftsman Webelos den meeting, which was pretty intense, with four different projects just to complete one of the 4 Craftsman requirements to earn the badge. For those who didn't make it, today I used internet pics/videos to supplement my "instructions" that I am taking over with the materials. Like how to make a paper box. And how to tie a larks head knot at the top of a bookmark.