Thursday, July 31, 2008

Garden Math

The instructions on the back of the corn seed package say, and I quote, "Plant seeds six inches apart. When seedlings are three inches tall, thin to ten inches apart."

Um . . .


I know this wouldn't bother most people, but I'm the sort who sketches my garden on a piece of graph paper and gets out the measuring tape on planting day. As much as I enjoy doing the impossible, I think I'm going to have to either plant seeds five inches apart, or settle for twelve inch spacing between my cornstalks.

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Kathy said...

Now Becka, don't you know that corn seeds can't be counted on to stay where you planted them? The package is just taking into account their tendency to migrate to exactly five inches apart before they pop out of the ground. Seriously though - I do think that 12 inch spacing for a corn stalk sounds better. I think that's the part they messed up on the pkg. The garden's lookin' good, btw.