Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Workshop


Wow! This is a lot easier than I thought. I had it in my mind I would have to get up the courage to go and introduce myself to the editors and agents and pitch my book, but it seems this is a WORKSHOP and not just a CONFERENCE. The editors and agent who came to the workshop have all said, "If you are here at this workshop, I will look at your first three chapters. Send them to me when you get home." So that got the hard part out of the way for me and let me concentrate on WRITING!

I LOVE going home each night with one chapter from each of six different books, then coming the next day and talking about them over the table with fifteen people who love to read and write all sorts of different kinds of fantasy and science-fiction. The afternoon lectures have been great too. I wish this could go on forever, but I do need more sleep. At night I lie awake and think about everything I've learned each day, plus trying to brainstorm my middle-grade science fiction novel which I'm developing as part of my class assignment.

I wrote the first eleven pages of that completely fresh new book last night and handed it out in class today for workshop tomorrow. I'm so proud of my new baby, but tomorrow they're all going to tell me he has eleven toes! I may never write again! No, actually, I wanted to see if there is anything I do right by nature in my first draft. I'll be really pleased to learn that I've done anything right at all.


matildaquilts said...

I'm sure that there is nothing wrong with having 11 toes, or fingers for that matter - just as long as you sell it well.

Cherilyn said...

LOL...Good for you for doing this conference/workshop. And I think 11 toes is actually good when you are doing fantasy-type writing. Isn't it?