Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Each harp string needs a bridge pin to hold it and a tuning pin to stretch it to the right pitch. Thats fifty-eight pins for a twenty-nine string harp.

It takes some experimenting to determine the size of the pilot hole for each kind of pin. The pins need to be really tight to keep the strings in tune, so the size of the pilot hole has to depend on the softness of the wood as well as the diameter of the pin. Happily, technology has improved and bridge pins are now threaded so I can screw them in instead of having to bang them in with the hammer.

I can use the electric drill with a screwdriver bit for the bridge pins, but the tuning pins I have to put in by hand using the tuning wrench. I've got seventeen pins left to go and I already have blisters and sore muscles. At least it is two weeks before I can tune up anyways. Bit by bit, it'll get done.

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One Sweet Life said...

I have really liked seeing the whole thing come together like this. Hope your hands get feeling better! :)