Saturday, May 24, 2008

In the Ploo!

When my two-year old came in from playing out back, I asked him where his glasses were. He had them on when he went out, but not anymore.

"In the ploo!" he said.

"In the pool?"


"I wouldn't put it past him," my husband said.

One of my two-year-old's favorite pastimes is standing at the pool fence and throwing rocks, toys, sidewalk chalk, and whatever he can find into the pool. We got the gate key and went out to look. Sure enough, after my husband had fished up several rocks, he netted the glasses. They were in the ploo. Our two-year-old has been banned from playing on the back patio until further notice.

I wasn't sad about him being cross-eyed and needing glasses until I saw a video of him taken about a year ago. There he was, cute baby face, two blue eyes staring at the camera, both straight on. It made my heart ache. He looks so different now. I find that when I look at him I'm drawn to focus on the eye that is not looking at me, and it gives me the impression that I don't really have his attention. I do hope he grows out of it.

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Kira said...

He looks darling with the glasses on, and I bet he loves being able to fully see now! But, I completely understand, it doesn't seem fair that he has to learn how to keep on glasses or go thru this ... it'll get better though, and the fact that you caught it early on and it has a huge chance of fixing itself it a big blessing! :)