Friday, May 23, 2008

Fitting the Soundboard

After staining the sides of the box and the pillar and arch I was ready to fit the soundboard. I cut it a little large so that I could sand it to a perfect match. Once the sides of the box fit snug with the soundboard in place, I disassembled the harp again so that I could put the string rib on.

Many harps these days don't have a top string rib. The top string rib is to protect the soundboard from the strings. Metal grommets can serve the same purpose. The bottom string rib is more important, giving a strong anchor for the strings. For me, the grommets are too much extra work, and I like the look of a top string rib much better.

I thought those old encyclopedias would be good for something someday. Once the glue is dry, I can drill the holes for the strings. Then it will be time to assemble the harp!

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Kira said...

Beautiful handiwork!!! I'm so impressed! :)