Monday, April 28, 2008

The Real Reason I Bought the Boots

Okay, this is not the only reason I bought the boots, but the reason I couldn't wait for fall like most sane and ordinary people had nothing to do with industrial collapse. I had to have the boots by today because I wanted to dress up like a Jedi for my son's birthday party.

Here I am teaching a crowd of nine Kindergarten Jedi the ways of the force. They did very well, and thoroughly destroyed the death star for a big finish at the end of the training session.

If any of you want to have your own Jedi Training Academy party, I'll tell you it was really easy. Pass out light sabers, make it clear that sabers are ONLY for whacking at other sabers, not at people or furniture or walls or ceilings, put on some Star Wars music, and let them go! They loved it. We did play one organized game I would like to mention: I had the children pick partners and gave each pair a light saber and a bottle of bubble stuff. One child blew bubbles while the other tried to pop them with the light saber. I also took a movie of each child individually showing off his or her best light saber moves. I could tell that some of those little Jedi had been practicing at home!


Mary said...

So cute. I love you Rebecca. I long to be a jedi too!

Unknown said...

What fabulous pictures!!!! Who is your photographer! It was so fun, i'm glad I was there.

Unknown said...

It's not a moon it's a SPACE STATION!!!!!!

Frozen Cacti said...

Ha! I knew you had a good reason for buying boots in the off-season! Anyway, it looks like it was a very fun party. You are such a fun mom. Now, if I could just have a little of your "force".