Friday, April 11, 2008


I wanted a box from the top of the cardboard box pile in the garage so I stepped up on an old bucket. As I reached for the box I got this feeling that I really ought to go get a stool.

CRACK! The bucket lid shattered under my weight. One foot landed on the ground, but the other dropped into the bucket. It took a moment to register with my brain that the foot in the bucket felt cold and wet.

I had climbed up onto a five gallon bucket that was half full of white paint. My left shoe dripped, coated like a caramel apple, as I pulled my foot out.

"Oh wow, mom!" My twelve year old daughter was impressed. "Hey, can I try and wash it off?"

"Sure," I said as I slipped the shoe off, then peeled the sock off after it. The sock went right in the trash. The paint had splashed up inside my favorite brown courderoys, so I eased them off and headed upstairs for the shower.

A lot of hot water and soap later, the pants were saved. My daughter cleaned the shoe off and I poured the rest of the paint into another bucket, but it took an entire half hour to clean up from that one mistake. The moral of the story is, use a step stool.


Lexi said...

I once dropped a fried egg on to a goatskin rug...

Mary said...


Frozen Cacti said...

I've had too many of those "not-a-great-feeling" moments. Maybe someday I'll start listening to them. Unfortunately my mishaps haven't been funny.

Teric said...

AAAACCKK Rebecca I had a very disturbing dream last night. I dreamed that Russell called me up and told me that you had been killed in a spectacular car accident.

It made me very sad! I remember just sitting there and crying in my dream. I couldn't believe it!

I wanted to make sure you were all right and that it was just a dream.

Rebecca J. Carlson said...

I'm still here, Teric.

I had two dreams Monday night that my youngest, Eian, died. Once from falling down the inside of a clock tower, and once from a rattlesnake bite. It was a rough night, and very hard to leave him at a play date the next day. You always wonder if it is an OMEN of some kind.