Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mommy Training

Last Thursday I put my youngest child in cloth underwear.

After all my experience with this milestone in life, I've determined that there is no quick, easy, secret formula. It simply takes patience, kindness, persistence, and lots of extra loads of laundry.

The past few days I have spent simply getting my son used to the routine. I taught him how to pull his own pants down and sit on the pot. I've gotten him used to the idea that several times a day he has to stop what he's doing and go to the bathroom.

He just doesn't know what it is all for. Not yet.

Today was to be the day. Today we were going to sit and wait until it happened. I decided that I would set up the lap top computer in the bathroom so my son could watch video clips of his cousins while we waited.

So I took him to the bathroom and told him to get ready while I went to get the computer. When I came back, he was standing in a puddle.

"No! Stop!" I wailed, "You're supposed to do that in the toilet!" but it was too late. If only I had done what I'd been doing the past few days, it would have worked! We would have finally had success! But no, I had to try something new, and miss another chance! I flopped down on the footstool and curled up in an agony of regret.

"Mommy, you okay?" my son asked.

"No." I moaned.

And I wonder why my children are so dramatic?


Zaboo said...

LOL! Not for the puddle, but for the drama. Ah, the travails of motherhood. But congrats on getting the youngest (almost) potty trained!

Frozen Cacti said...

I'm right there with you, but instead of actually going into the bathroom he hides behind the most difficult places for me to get to him. Trust me, there is drama involved with that too. Patience.